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Refrigerant Changeover From R-22 to R-407C

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O’Ryan’s Heating and Cooling is a leader in the Industry by providing environmentally responsible refrigerant solutions. Here are the main reasons to schedule a service call to change your R-22 refrigerant to R-407C refrigerant today!

Reason 1: This procedure repairs refrigerant leaks and eliminates harmful ozone depleting gases into the atmosphere. R-22 is an HFC (hydro fluorocarbon) which has been banned for use due to its impact on our atmosphere. There is a direct correlation between the increase in manufacturing R-22 and global temperature rise… Goggle it! Its time to fix those leaky systems and fix them properly using a more environmentally responsible refrigerant.

There are a few suitable replacement types of refrigerant. Some require the addition of oil to keep the compressor lubricated properly. Our refrigerant of choice with lowest cost and best compatibility is R-407c.

Reason 2: Increase in indoor comfort. Your air-conditioning system has the potential to operate more efficiently when the system is tight (no leaks) and charged properly. Our techs use superheat and subcooling principles as well as the weigh-in method to properly charge air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Reason 3: Less equipment downtime. With a full air-conditioning tune-up, you will have peace of mind knowing your system is operating at its best and at full capacity with less chance of breaking down. We all know it will happen on the hottest day of the year!

Reason 4: Lower cost of ownership. These refrigerants are less than half the cost of R-22. Some are also more efficient, resulting in quicker “flash” times, meaning less run-time to reach evaporation temperature. Basically, you will be saving money on the electrical bill during the summer months!