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Air Conditioner Tuneup & Maintenance

Your air conditioning system is a huge and necessary investment for your comfort. It is strongly recommended to have your air conditioning system checked and preventative maintenance regularly done every season to keep your AC up and running properly all throughout the year.


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 oryans heating and coolingInvesting in a professional AC tune up and repair is a good thing that you can do for your family’s comfort at home. Not only that, a detailed assessment on your HVAC can let you determine if it has any underlying problems that could further lead to unexpected breakdown in the system.

Retain your home’s comfort by scheduling a tune up for your air conditioner today. We also offer repair and installation.


Why Air Conditioner Tune up Is Necessary

Tune ups not only help restore your air conditioner’s functionality — it does a great job at preventing breakdowns when you least expect them. A clean filter reduces energy costs without the worry of anything else that may point to your air conditioners subsequent break down. With air conditioner tune ups and regular maintenance, you increase the unit’s lifespan, provide all day, all night comfort, and save on home expenses. Keep your air conditioner safe in the hands of professional technicians. Have your air conditioning system inspected at least once yearly.


How AC Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning Happens

A proper air conditioning tune-up will review:

Condenser coils’ thorough cleaning. Cleaning these coils strengthens efficiency and can help lower down costs on energy, not to mention decreases the wear and tear on your system.

Coolant level assessment to help maintain excellent performance. Well-lubricated moving parts in the air conditioning system definitely plays a role in helping minimize your energy bill.

Thermostat calibration. A thorough inspection of the duct work is made to check any component for defect that leads to energy loss.

Inspection and proper electrical wiring to ensure the system’s safest function.

Blower motor evaluation to check its performance, along with the power belt’s condition.

Upon completion, your AC service specialist will hand you a comprehensive of AC tune so list for any recommended solutions and potential threats or damage seen in your air conditioning system.

These are just some of the standard assessments that a reliable technician should perform. Our company happily provides a full HVAC check up to make sure your air conditioning unit is working efficiently and reliably.

Protect your HVAC with regular cooling & heating maintenance by calling us. Let us help you in keeping your indoor environment safe for you and your family, and your HVAC free from any looming danger it may have.