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What’s the difference between a furnace or boiler in terms of a home heating system? Simply put, a furnace heats air and boilers heat water. Homes with a furnace have a blower motor and air ducts throughout the house that deliver the warmed air from the furnace to each room. Homes in New Jersey with a boiler have copper or PEX pipes throughout the house that distribute hot water or steam to baseboards, radiators or radiant floor systems in each room.

A well-running, clean furnace or boiler heating system may lower your overall home heating costs by up to 10%. An annual tune-up service by O’Ryan’s Heating and Cooling keeps your heating system optimized and humming around the clock. Ryan and his team ask that you consider the following reasons to schedule your Annual Tune-up Service now:

  • An O’Ryan’s heating system expert can keep your furnace, boiler or other heating system healthy with a thorough cleaning
  • It’s much more cost effective to have a proactive annual preventive check-up vs. an emergency repair in the middle of the winter cold days
  • You rest assured knowing this service helps you avoid problems throughout the year too
  • You stay warm and comfy while burning less fuel or natural gas in your heating system
  • You save money over the course of a winter heating season
  • You help the environment by reducing fuel use and heating system emissions
  • Our experts will tell you exactly what was done and why, including the replacement of worn heating system parts

Schedule your Annual Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up Service now and relax all winter. If you’re thinking about upgrading an old oil heating system to natural gas or propane, give us a call for a free estimate too at 732-771-9630.