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Why Schedule an A/C Check Up?

The decision to finally schedule your yearly A/C maintenance with a ac  installation service edison njlocal HVAC service provider will save you time and money from energy bill increases, and more repairs in the future.

Basically this affords the HVAC repair and maintenance staff to detect minor technical problem before a big nuisance comes out of it.

  • One great advantage from a yearly central A/C check up is by ensuring that your unit is functioning at optimal efficiency.
  • A well-maintained A/C only uses less energy to cool your home which means huge savings on your monthly utility bills.
  • Additionally, scheduling an air conditioner check up is highly recommended and easy to do. Search for a reliable local HVAC technician servicing your area and don’t hesitate to ask questions about their basic A/C maintenance.
  • As stated previously, the best time to schedule this is during spring or early summer. An old, unchecked A/C unit could already have looming issues ready to come to the fore once you turn on the air conditioner — and only to regret the fact that it had to be repaired earlier.
  • An HVAC contractor like O’Ryan’s will be able to discuss maintenance plans with you when you call and schedule for an early central A/C checkup before summer time arrives.


A/C Checkup Maintenance

  • Contacting a technician for a central air conditioning checkup is important.
  • Preferably, the best time to plan and set a budget for it is during the spring season.
  • A well-planned central A/C checkup maintenance helps detect underlying technical issues; steering away from eventual break down which is more expensive for repairs in the future.
  • If your A/C checkup is scheduled for spring, you’ll have the advantage of not waiting the technician’s availability and high rates that come during peak season.


Air Conditioner Check Up: The Basics

A maintenance checkup for air conditioning is indeed an important step to making sure your home gets a truly efficient technical performance from your air conditioner, and this should be done on a regular basis. This is also true in knowing which diagnostic test will be performed when your technician arrives. Here’s a basic list of common maintenance outline your HVAC technician should have along with a regular maintenance call:

  • Check refrigerant levels. Low-level refrigerant means there is leakage that needs to be traced, found where it’s coming from, and get fixed at once. A refrigerant with a decreased level can burn out and damage the compressor, leading to a more costly repair.
  • Ensure all proper electrical components and controls are in place.
  • Clean dirty filters, evaporator and condenser coils to help improve the A/C’s energy efficiency and cooling ability.
  • Oil motors as needed.
  • Calibrate thermostat properly.
  • Assess the condenser for any underlying problems.
  • Check to see dusty filters for cleaning and/or replacement.
  • A yearly air conditioner check up is the best way to help keep your air conditioner in running condition for more years.

For a money-saving A/C maintenance checkup, call O’Ryan’s for a licensed HVAC technician to ensure your home is ready for the summer season with an air conditioner in top performance.